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Tranlsated From Die Presse
Austria's leading newspaper
November 18, 2005

Original Article in German

Story by Maria Von Mittermaier
Translation to English by Alexander Schaumberg-Lippe


In Los Angeles, Chris Andrews is not an unknown. He knows Arnold Schwarzenegger - they were introduced by Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz.

Now, the versatile Californian is someone to talk about around here as well. By way of a lawsuit, he seeks restitution of a property in Vienna's Schmidgasse, which is currently owned by the state, to himself and his relatives. Estimated value: three to five million Dollars.

Andrews is a fabulously networked man and has left his mark on the "New Media" business. In 1985, he produced the first CD-ROM. Later, the 49 year old developed the first CD Recorder - the predecessor to the CD burner. In the wake of the development of the Internet, Andrews became Executive Producer of the Grammy webcast, which is the Internet platform of the Grammy Awards in general. Today, the father of two works as a consultant.

Only five years ago, the persevering entertainment expert learned about his Austrian roots. His mother, who passed away thirty years ago, never spoke about her origins. Through an investigation, he and his brother Richard have been determined as the owners of the house.

Andrews calls himself an "Austrian Jew" and is particularly disappointed by Ariel Muzicant: The chairman of the Jewish Community offered to buy the house from him once it has been returned to the family. "He never helped us. None of the Vienna Jews have ever helped us."

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